1. What are your rates? 
My rates have a floor and ceiling for commercial, broadcast, and feature film productions where I am acting solely as the Director of Photography or Camera Operator. Typically, these kinds of productions should be prepared to accomodate my hourly rate starting at $75/hr for no less than a 6hr shoot (save for special events, pick ups/rescheduled shooting days). For productions that are union, I am currently a non-union freelancer, but would be more than willing to have my exemption costs taken out of my total rate to participate on your film, commercial, or show. 
I am open to discussing ULB and Micro-budget rates if my schedule is open and the project is allowing me to utilize particular enterprise level tools to create some exceptional imagery for your production (e.g. renting higher end equipment, new lenses, testing new technologies for camera support, or providing longer term retainer across a number of productions). 
2. Does your rate include the gear and equipment? 
Unfortunately my equipment needs to be rented with my services and treated as a box rental for both business filing and tax reasons. With that said, my equipment rates are much more flexible than my services rate and if there is a way I can provide that bottom line for your production we can discuss a reasonable quote. Being booked on longer duration productions make it even easier for me to accomodate below market rate rentals; I am more than happy to provide that service. 
3. Do you rent your equipment out to other productions? 
Yes, if you'd like to rent any of the gear that I own for your production and crew, I am happy to provide those vendor services. You can see a complete listing of gear on this site under the GEAR menu at the top of the page, or you can visit and rent/purchase equipment directly from my co-rental provider page on ShareGrid: https://www.sharegrid.com/p/ajryder
If you'd like to rent directly from me, please make sure you can provide a COI with your production company's information listed, and my name included as the loss payee. If you have any questions about these steps I am happy to discuss them with you. 

4. I see you do post-color correction and grading; do you edit too? 
Yes, I do edit and try to make myself available to provide these services; I'll do my best to accomodate your project's turn around times, but I do prioritize my DP and Camera Vendor services. My ideal client would be someone who either isn't on a very strict timeline or could retain my services well in advance so I can clear my schedule to provide complete attention to your post-production needs. 
For editing, I charge $50/hr and time track my work. I do not bill for render times outside of export of a rough or final deliverable, per discussion with the client. I have a Windows PC system that can handle 4K and 8K video content, and is ready with Premiere CC2018 and the latest version of Davinci Resolve. 

5. Where are you located? Can you work local to "XYZ" City/State? 
I am located in Los Angeles, CA - DTLA specifically and able to provided local services anywhere in NorCal or SoCal. I also have production contacts, that with proper coordination, can help me arrange housing in the following states with ease: 
- Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, New York, Florida, Atlanta, Louisiana, and Rhode Island. 
I am always willing to travel if production is able to provide travel and lodging as well. 

6. What kind of development services are you able to provide? 
I can provide a wide range of support for developing your next project, and would be eager to hear about your needs. On past productions I have provided the following necessary services to get shorts, features, and commercials ready to investors and clients respectively. 
- Script Editing and Doctoring (including grammar/editorial passes, general format and page cinching, and when asked for, creative insight)
- Treatment and General Ad Copy services for your project; consulting on the elevator pitch and preexisting pitch packets. 
- Script Breakdowns 
- Budgeting and Departmental Breakdowns
- Scheduling and Day out of Day Breakdowns
- Location Budgeting Services 
- Vendor and Crew Budgeting Services per state; Vendor referrals and equity sponsorship arrangments from boutique rental houses, private vendors, and major national rental houses. 
- Business and Operations Structuring (for film)
- Film Business Plans 
- Comparables and Pre-Sales Analysis for more accurate ROI projections 
- Legal Referrals to, or consults on Production Placement Memorandums, Investor Subscription Packages, and Disclosures documents that are pre-existing. 
- Financial Outreach (capital, equity raises) and Strategy for your Production Offering.