I am a Director of Photography and DI Colorist excelling in digital full format cameras and have been shooting across a wide array of format types since 2009. I got my start working in theater lighting from 2004 helping to install and program lighting for presentations and stage plays. Soon after I began to shift towards television/Documentary and commercial production lighting and my eventual landing in Camera Department. 

My ideal clients are looking to for someone to assist or lead producing on their content and have me provide camera and post-production workflow solutions for entry to medium tier budgeted commercials, inspiring narrative short and feature films, documentary and lifestyle content, and music videos in need of a creative DP's eye. 

When I can I also work on my own passion projects as a Producer and Writer, and am eager to bridge my clients' relationships with the technological manufacturers of your most favorite and sought after camera and post solutions for long lasting collaborations. 

Direction and creative services.
Storyboarding and Commercial Script Writing
Storyboarding and Narrative Script Writing. 
Director of Photography and Camera Operator Services 
Still Photography Services
Color Correction/Grading and Finishing (4K and 6K/8K workflow friendly)
Concept Development and Packaging 
Development Producing and Content Packaging 
Financial Raises and SEC exemption/clearance consulting and referrals. 

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